Betting Systems

Betting systems are strategies designed to brighten the player's chances of winning his bets in the game. Studies have been carried out on these online casino betting systems. However, the truth remains that none of the betting systems guarantees 100% wins. You can win as well as lose with them. They are full of uncertainties.

It may appear that you are making money while applying a betting system but at last you will be surprise to see no difference when you have not applied any strategy and when you have applied the strategies in your game.

Systems' Types

  • Positive Progressive Betting: here gamblers are expected to add more to their stakes whenever they win a game. This strategy is common because people with low bankroll can also apply it.
  • Negative Progression Betting: this is the opposite of the positive progressive betting. Gamblers add more to their betting amount each time they lose in order to make up for their losses. This can only be applied by people with high bankroll and it is also highly risky.
  • Insurance Betting System: in this system, the betting amount is lowered whenever a player loses a game. It is safer to apply this system.

However, no matter the system you apply you are not better than any player who does not apply any strategy at all.

Some basic betting systems

  • Martingale System

    This system is a type of negative progression betting system and it is an old system too. It suggests that players should change their bet when they win and then double their bet when they lose. It is predicated on the fact that gambling is a game where you can lose your money. It is highly risky to apply this strategy.

  • D'Alembert System

    This is similar to Martingale system. Its aim is to help gamblers make up for their losses by increasing their bets each time they lose. But they have to reduce their bet each time they win. This is where it differs from Martingale system. The reason why they should reduce their bet when they win is that it will help them save more money.

  • Parlay Betting system

    This system is better applied in horse racing than in casino games. It suggests that players should wager minimum bets until when they win. This earning will be invested in the subsequent bets.

  • Paroli betting system

    Here you are to increase you stakes whenever you win. It is a reversal of Martingale system. This will be a good strategy when you are winning.

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