Blackjack Rules

The number 17 in blackjack is similar to the number 7 in craps. The number 7 in craps can be the gambler's friend or his enemy. The same is applicable to number 17 in blackjack which elevates your hand or break it.

There are circumstances where the number 17 favours the players but does not favour the dealer. There are quite a good number of casinos with the rule that dealer should stand on all 17's. This rule favours the player. It means that if the dealer is dealt with an ace, a 6 and then a soft 17 he will not draw another card. His hand should be valued as 17. So cannot get another card in order to better his hand.

As you know in blackjack game the dealer who plays for the casino does not have any choices except to obey the rules to last without any one left. So, the rule that the dealer should stand at 17 bides on him and this benefits the player.

For example, you are likely going to win the game if you have a hand with 18 and the above rule is obtainable where you are playing casino, you will win the game.

When 17 is good for Dealers

There are some table with the rule that dealers should hit on a soft 17. If you are playing in a table with the above rule the number 17 will always favour the dealer. The odd will favour the dealer in this table whether online or in the land based casinos. Be ready to forfeit some portion of your advantage to the dealer.

Such rule will simply give the dealer the opportunity of making a better hand. For example you will emerge victorious in a table where the dealer should stand on all 17. But the reverse will be the case if you are playing in a table where the dealer hits at soft 17. Though you are dealt with 18, with this rule a dealer can draw two cards or even one in order to better his hand. This can make him to win you in the game.

The dealer will still stand the chance of winning you even when he is dealt with 8 which is a bust card. He has the chance of making another draw if he has a 17 which puts his value at 15. He may be lucky to be dealt with 5 which will make his hand to be 20. In this way he will be winning you and all the other players.

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