Card Counting

Card counting is a method through which you can know cards which have not been dealt in Blackjack by tracking the ones that have been used. There are different means through which card counting can be applied but all these means are predicated on the system in which values are given to both low and high cards with the intention of tracing them.

Card Counting in Movies

Card counting system has been used in many times in some movies. Typical example of such movies is Rainman. In this film Charlie Babbit went to Las Vegas with his brother Raymond who is autistic. He wants to make use of his brother's ability in tracing numbers also. He taught his brother how to play blackjack. This will enable him to count and trace cards.

They were able to win huge amount of money. But the casino authorities came and prohibit them from playing casino. Despite the fact that Raymond has special gift of counting card, the fact is that every player who can persevere can also count and trace cards. This system has been worked out by experts about 50 years ago.

Card counting helps the players to know when the dealer is likely to bust out and when there are more high cards in the deck. Players will also benefit from card counting because it will help them to know when many high cards are remaining to be used in the game and these circumstances may warrant doubling down.

If you are counting card, you should not allow the casinos to discover what you are doing otherwise what happened to the Raymond and his brother in the film Rainman will also happen to you. The casinos have tried to stop card counting when it was first used in the 1960s. This is because counting cards can reduce the casino's earning.


Modern blackjack card counting owes a lot to Edward Oakley Thorp who is believed to be the father of card counting in the modern times. He was not the inventor of the system but he was reputable in applying mathematical system in blackjack game in order to predict the possibility of some cards coming out. He does that by giving the each card a certain numerical values. He wrote a book titled Beat the Dealer. This book published in 1962 is instrumental in the spread of card counting in the modern times.

Thorps also acknowledges some experts in card counting who lived before like Greasy John. Other people that he mentions are System Smitty, Jess Marcum and Reno Nevada. These were professional gamblers who have practised card counting before.

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