Loyalty Program

Casino loyalty scheme can be called loyalty program, player club and VIP scheme. As implied from the name, it is a scheme developed by the casinos in order to compensate gamblers who have been patronising them for an extended time period. The incentives given to these players can be additional money or prize with regard to their bets. They can also be rewarded based on their monthly deposit.


Virtually, all the casinos have one kind of loyalty scheme or the other. Loyalty scheme differs from casino to casino. However, cashback is what most casinos reward their regular clients with. If a player is given cashback, it means that he will be gaining some points which are small whenever he stakes. But these points can be redeemed at stipulated date in a particular month. In some casino, the cashback can be redeemed when the player gets to a stipulated cut-off point which is 1,000 points in most of the cases.

The cashback vary from casino to casino but in most casinos for a stake of $10 a player will gain 1 point. 1 point is equal to 1 cent. To get 1000 points means to get extra $10. However, these points can increase rapidly because they are given per wager and not according to amount in a player's deposit.

These points also vary according to the game played in some casinos. Such games as roulette and blackjack with 50:50 betting options, a stake of $10 will be rewarded with 1 point while in casino games like slot machines a stake of $10 will be rewarded with 2 to 3 points. In some casino some variation of slot games and other casino games predicated on luck, gamblers are rewarded with 5 points on stake of $10.

Tiered Loyalty scheme is another type of loyalty scheme provided by some casino as a way of rewarding their regular players. In this type of incentive, players gain more incentive the more games they play.

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