Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirement is a common term used at the internet casinos. If you have played casino online before, probably you would have heard about it. You will also hear about wagering requirement when you are about to play casino online.


This term should put fear into you such that you will not play casino again online. No! You should not be discouraged from playing casino online. Nobody will compel you to wager against your wish.

Wagering requirement is peculiar to online casinos and it has reference to online casino bonuses. It refers to the amount of money you have to bet on so that you will be eligible to withdraw your bonus. However, this does not mean that you must lose the bets made with these wagering requirements. What this means is that you are only supposed to have wagered with such amount in order for you to be eligible for your bonus.

If the wagering requirement that you are given is 10x, it means 10 multiplied by your bonus amount. If you have a bonus of $50 for example, 10x means that you have to wager up $500 before you will be eligible to withdraw your bonus. $500 is the product of 10 and 50 that is the product of your wagering requirement and then your bonus amount.

You do not need to fear as for whether you will be able to wager the entire amount at the same. No! You must not wager the entire amount in a session. You can spread it or wager as you want. You can also wager in any game until the wagering requirement is gotten at. When you have wagered up $500 which is in this case the wagering requirement, the bonus will automatically drop into your account and you can withdraw it. This has nothing to with your winning or loss.

Since wagering requirement has reference to online bonus, it will be good for us to know what online bonus is all about.

Online Bonus at a glance

Online casino bonus is free money given to gamblers online when they sign up in a new site. The money is deposited in the player's account online but cannot be withdrawn until the player wager up to the requirement.

The reason why online gamblers are not allowed to withdraw the money until the meet the wagering requirement is to ensure that the play casino in the site. If this is not the case, gamblers can easily withdraw the money and run away without playing any game. There is also stipulated time the bonus will last and if you do not clear it, you will lose it.

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