Gift Cards

Prepaid gaming cards known also as gift cards are given by casinos to their favourite clients and other gamblers that patronise them. It is not given to every gambler but to only a few of them. The card will be used as a means of transaction. In the light of the above, you cannot request for this card or apply for it. It is a gift given by the casinos. If these clients are not given these cards they will not have them.

However, these cards are only valid for internet gaming deal. You can also use them in any online casino functions. So, you can find out from the online casino where you are gambling if you are qualified for this card. But you should know that the card is only available in the online casino bonus no deposit codes that are powered by Microgaming software. Every gambler who meets the criteria for these cards is given one both US gamblers. It is better for you to wait until you are given one. If you are qualified for the card you will be invited.

The benefits

There are some benefits that you can derive from the use of these cards. This card has a limit you can it each day. The daily limit is about $3, 000. When you are using this card you are going to benefit from the fast payout. This means that you can have your cash at your disposable within the interval of 48 hours.

Since the card is private, support services are also exclusive. If there is anything you will gain by using this card it is excellent services. The banks that are managing these cards have great experience in the banking industries and they will serve you well. You are also entitled to some interest if you can have a stipulated amount - $500.

This card makes it possible for the holder to obtain banking statement free of charge. If you are holding this card none of your transaction in the bank will be rejected. All your banking transaction will be honoured by the bank.

You can withdraw the money you have in this card in over 600, 000 ATM across the globe. Another thing that you enjoy when you are issued with this card is confidentiality. You do not need to fear whether your transaction will be handled with care. Your transaction will not be safe but it will not be made known to any other third part.

You can use this card in some casinos like Yukon Gold, Zodiac casino, Lucky Emperor Casino, Golden Tiger casino, Virtual casino and others.

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