The site does not use 'cookies' for gathering any kind of information while any user visit the sire unless any sort of survey is being conducted by us or there is any need of preventing duplicate results. In fact, some information is gathered by the web server, which hosts the site, as regards to the visits automatically into a normal log file. However, the best thing is that this information does not identify you personally. The information taken by the cookies consist of the following items:

Information collected by the cookies

  1. Internet domain, take for instance "" in case you utilize a private account or if you connect to the internet from any educational institution then it will be "".
  2. The cookies also note the IP address. This address is actually a number, which is assigned automatically to your computer that you use to access any website while you surf the web.
  3. The time and date of your access is also noted.

This information is used by us for gathering statistics regarding the amount of users that the site receives. Here also, we do not record information automatically regarding you, being an individual. The information that is gathered is not sold, shared or even distributed. At times, we also present you a survey page that you get on this website. The utilization of cookies is restricted to minimum function that is essential for preventing duplication of the results of such surveys and it also comprise of a special text string that will be stored on the computer and will be retrieved only if you return back a survey to us.

There is always a provision of avoiding such cookies; all you have to do is not to submit the survey. You can deny the use of cookies and can also delete the file p[permanently from your computer by choosing numerous options on the computer's operating system. You should also refer to the browser's help menu for particular instructions regarding disabling, refusing and deleting the cookies.

Information provided by you

There is no form of services or benefits that are offered by the site to those who need entry of personal details online. These people just get an optional and occasional survey in return. It is completely your discretion to participate in any such kind of survey and if you do not want to participate then you can opt out of such surveys. The information related to such survey will be treated like any other contact information that is voluntarily provided by you. You can also get details about "Contact Information" on the website only.

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