Roulette Rules

In roulette table there is a wheel that comprises 38 numbers which ranges from 1 through 36. There are also 0 and 00 slots. The players placed their bets before the wheel will be spun. The roulette ball is not put on the outside rim of the wheel. When the wheel gradually stops spinning the ball will land on one of the numbered slots.

The numbering of the pockets is done such that two even numbers and two odd numbers alternate each other. They are also alternated in red and black colour. The colour of the 0 slot and the double 0 slot is green. The target of the player is to predict correctly the colour where the ball will rest.

The 36 numbers which range from 1-36 are arranged in 3 columns. Each column has 12 numbers. The numbers runs in a series and a number can be written in red or in black.

Roulette bets are two types, namely, outside bets and inside bets. In ruleta 77 game you are permitted to wager on many numbers at a time. You can make an inside bet and also outside bet at the same time.

Bets Types

The table below shows different types of inside and outside bets

After the spin of the wheel the number that wins is displayed at the right side of the screen. From this winning number shown on top of your screen's right hand side, you will be able to know the last numbers that wins.

Playing roulette: things to know

You should know the way bet is placed with regard to the table's minimum. If a table has a minimum bet of $5 you can stake the whole of the $5 on an outside bet. You can also stake the $5 in five different inside bets - that is staking $1 per inside bet. What is important is that the total bet you made should be up to the table's minimum.

In the roulette game every player has his own unique chips different from that of the other player. This will help the dealer not to confuse the chips of one player with that of another player. You cannot use these to play other casino games. They are strictly for roulette game.

Each chip has its value. So, you have to indicate to the dealer, what value of chips you want. Roulette game takes time to be completed. It is the best option for people who want to relax.

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